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Arukh Lakol is an all new Birkon from Izzun Books which includes…

- Ashkenazi and Sefardi nuscha-ot (liturgical rites)

- fully traditional, fully egalitarian, queer-normative liturgy

- complete, user-friendly transliteration

- original translation for everything

- beautiful, illuminating illustrations

- thorough, instructive ’stage directions’

…for all Shabbat and holiday home rituals!


Are you newer to Jewish liturgy? Arukh Lakol has…
- Complete translation and transliteration!
- Clear instructions and citations!
- Helpful diagrams and illustrations!

Are you a seasoned and experienced Birkon-user? Arukh Lakol has…
- Innovative liturgical options to explore!
- Ashkenazi and Sefardi nuscha-ot to compare and contrast!
- New, original translations to examine!

Are you a child stuck at the table for Birkat haMazon? Arukh Lakol has…
- So many cool pictures and illustrations!
- Count all the pomegranates in the book!
- Songs you love to sing!


And it’s quite aesthetically pleasing!

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