Tefillat haNesher - Experimental Minimalist Rambam Siddur

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Tefillat haNesher is a siddur I made entirely for my own use, to my requirements, and for my purposes. Due to others request, I'm now making it available here as well, but I want to be very clear about what it is and what it isn't.  - AZM


  • It is a weekday siddur only
  • It contains Shaḥarit, Minḥah and Arvit according to the nusaḥ of Rambam as recorded in the Mishneh Torah with a few minor alterations made entirely at my discretion
  • The text is only in Hebrew, but with English instructions
  • It is a sort of analogue 'dark mode' with high-contrast layout of dark page backgrounds with light text, using colour to accent the prayers
  • It is liturgically minimalist. There is nothing here more than the basic requirement 
  • It is for individual use. There are not prayers here for community use and no adaptations which assume the presence of a minyan
  • It is printed on heavy, glossy stock with a hardback binding
  • It is small, coming in at 108 x 175mm
  • It is less than 100 pages in total


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